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D-Ring Shackle Isolator

PROREADY D-Ring Shackle Isolators, Kit with 4 Washers – Durable Shackle Isolator Set to fit ¾-inch D Shackles on Trucks, 4×4, Jeeps, SUV – Sturdy Covers to Protect Car Hitch and Bumper Wear-and-Tear

  • Product description

    Protect your truck, jeep, or SUV with the D-Ring Shackle Isolators by PROREADY– professionally designed to withstand even the heaviest wear-and-tear and weight-bearing. Each shackle isolator kit includes 2 large, plastic isolators and 4 washers for easy and quick installation on your vehicle or trailer .

    This set of shackle covers fit standard, ¾-inch D-rings and will protect the shackles against erosion during hauling, towing, or pulling large loads . Additionally, they prevent damage to the surface of anchor points and bumpers , so that the finish on a vehicle is not chipped, scratched or damaged while in transit.

    Designed to hold truck shackles firmly , The ProReady isolators provide a simple solution for protecting your car’s exterior by offering unyielding, professional-grade coverage while driving, off-roading, camping, boating, road tripping, moving, or pulling large loads . The isolators also prevent rattling while trucks or SUVs are in operation, to eliminate the sound of the shackles hitting your powder coat . Our ¾ D-ring shackle isolators will simplify all of your towing and hauling needs.

    Product Details:
    (2) D-Ring Shackle Isolators
    (4) Washers
    Size: 4 inch x 2 inch x ¾ inch
    Material: Plastic
    Color: Black